Disposable Product for Medical Professionals

A Dose of Innovation for Administering Medication to Kids

Finally, you can have confidence and accuracy in dosing infants and toddlers. These young patients sense syringes and eyedroppers as foreign objects and instinctively react by spitting out the contents. The Medi-Pals kid-friendly, disposable medication dispensers feel familiar, are easy to use and provide safe, accurate dosing.

Pediatrician Approved

"In my 26 years as a physician, I have not seen a more easy and effective system for dosing medicine to young children, than Medi-Pals."
– W. Mike Whitley M.D.

"As a pediatrician and father I get questions all the time on how to best give oral medication to kids. Medi-Pals is the best product that I have found to safely and effectively administer medicine to kids."
– Dr. Noah Sutter

Patient Outcomes:

  • Precise measurement syringe fits snuggly into medi-pals device
  • Eliminates liability and concern of over or under-dosing

Patient Satisfaction:

  • Dispenser fans medicine to the sides of the mouth inducing a swallowing reflex
  • Nipple style design is familiar and comfortable for the patient


  • Dispenser is softer than a straight syringe reducing risk of injury

Ease of Use:

  • Disposable one-use design ensures sterile condition
  • Reduces caregiver time in administering meds

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Our disposable product for medical professionals is patent pending.