The Problem

Syringes or eyedroppers are typically used to administer medicine to an infant or toddler. These objects are often sensed as foreign objects by the baby. As such, an infant will often try to push the object away. Additionally, syringes and eyedroppers are usually rigid, which, in the case of a struggling infant, could pose a possible danger to the infant's, eyes, mouth, and throat.

Additionally, the unfamiliar taste of the medicine will often cause the infant to spit out the medicine, thus leaving to question what dosage the infant actually received. When a caretaker is unsure how much medicine the infant swallowed or how much the infant spit out, there are two major risks:

  1. over-dosage (if re-administering the medicine), which is potentially dangerous
  2. under-dosage, which is potentially ineffective or, if the medicine is critically needed by the infant, also potentially dangerous

The Solution

The Medi-Pals medication dispenser is a result of extensive study, research, and consultation. Our medication dispensers are different from other similar medication dispensers currently on the market:

  • Medi-Pals has a silicon nipple that is inserted in the faceplate. Nipples are soothing for babies, as they are associated with pleasure and food. Unlike other similar products, with Medi-Pals, the syringe with the medicine fits snugly into the back of the nipple so that medicine cannot leak out or get stuck between the syringe and nipple.
  • The child only sees the faceplate, which is created to be a comforting and happy toy.
  • Medi-Pals medicine dispensers have a unique nipple, superior to other similar medication dispensers:
    • The spout of the nipple is designed with a diverter – 2 angled ports – so that the fluid splits and is dispersed into the cheeks of the child's mouth. In this way, the fluid is not injected directly to the back of the child's throat, which would cause the gag reflex to activate.
    • The syringe pocket is also designed so that the infant can bite down on the nipple without closing off the flow.
    • The nipple attaches to the faceplate via a snap ring. The snap ring allows for easy removal of the nipple for cleaning and storage as well as making it known to the caregiver when the components are securely fastened together.
    • The medicine dispenser's nipple consists of a high quality strength which combats any ripping or tearing during use, meeting the requirements of USP Class VI and ISO 10993.