About Us

In 2010, our daughter, Grace, was born three months premature. She weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz. and spent 10 weeks at the Toledo Children's Hospital NICU.

When a child feels distress or anxiety, parents and caretakers feel it too; and when a baby has had long-term medical treatment, her stress may be intensified at routine medical appointments. This was the case with our daughter when, at a regular check-up, she was given an oral vaccination and spit up most of the vaccine. Not only did we feel our daughter's anguish at the sight of yet another syringe of medicine, but we also wondered how effective the vaccine would be since we did not know how much she had actually ingested.

Surely there had to be a better way, but the nurse said there wasn't.

There is now.

Administering medicine, vitamins, and pain relievers to any child or infant can be difficult; but this can be an even more traumatic experience–for both the parents and the baby–when the infant has already undergone long-term medical treatment. As parents, we did not want our child to have to experience any more medical stress than she already had to. Therefore, after consulting with different pediatricians, nurses, and other parents, we finalized our design for Medi-Pals. We hope that, with this medicine dispenser, other parents, caretakers, and infants can have a more comfortable experience when giving or receiving oral medication.


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